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Monthly Archive: June 2017

Get The Magento Advantage For Your Business

Magento For Business

A popular quote goes thus, “Ninety percent of selling is a conviction, and 10 percent is persuasion”. Choosing the right online platform to promote your business is very important if you want to see good sales. Magento, one of the trending e-commerce platforms for merchants and traders, has plenty of takers.

For assistance on getting started, talk to Bing’s managed magento support team or search for related topics on www.ecommercetimes.com. As a beginner, you must be wondering about the intricacies of working with Magento. Here are few things you should know about this online marketplace.

Magento Is Free To Use
This open-source platform developed in PHP has several features that are free. Some of the services include order management, SEO, analytics & reporting, and customer service among others. This is an emerging technology, and their built-in extensions have proved to be a boon to several entrepreneurs and businesses.

Customers can choose from Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Magento Go according to the requirements of their business.

SEO Advantage
The online platform has Magento SEO which helps in optimizing the page. Magento SEO handles SEO related issues like landing pages, ranking and page traffic. Traders who use Magento have appreciated its user-friendly and flexible features. You can add pages, update the existing content, and conveniently insert links and images.

Manage Multiple Stores
If you are managing several businesses online, it is a cake-walk with Magento. With a single administrative section, you can control and manage your business online efficiently.

Magento provides an option of several marketing tools and technologies for you. They offer coupon codes, campaigns, multi-tier pricing, and offers.

Shop At Ease
The shopping feature of Magento facilitates in easy shopping. It helps your customers navigate through the online store and add products to their virtual shopping cart. It also provides a safe and secure payment option for their customers.

Users have found Magento search features useful. It uses a dynamic search attribute that narrows down the product by relevant factors. Product tags, customer reviews, and recently viewed items have eased shopping.

Safe And Secure
Privacy and safety have always been a matter of concern when sharing information online. With Magento, all the important details of your online product, customer information, payment history and transaction details are safe. Magento eliminates any third-party access to your data, thereby ensuring the privacy of your information.

Compatible With Smartphones
In the present digital age, users prefer shopping for products using their smartphones rather than a desktop. Magento can be easily integrated across devices to function effectively on an iPad or a Notebook.

Numbers Speak
It has been reported that several businesses have adopted Magento as their official online platform for selling or buying. There has been a spiraling increase in the total number of Magento developers, and the recent years have seen a tri fold increase. This translates to better opportunities for business.

Many businesses with various platforms have Joined the growing community of Magento developers online. Share your ideas and contribute towards the growth of the platform.